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Hi! Welcome to Boxer & Rice - The Tales of Two Princes! A shounen-ai/yaoi website dedicated to the pairing of Trunks and Gohan!

Now the warning. This site features yaoi/slash material/

Meaning that this will involve two guys (Gohan and Trunks or their alternate self i.e Mirai Gohan and Mirai Trunks) kissing, cuddling, having dirty thoughts about each other, ending up in bed... This will be in fic form or art form, so you have been warned! We don't want ANY hate mail, if we do receive any it we be dealt with accordingly, which means that it depends on the email and how we are feeling at the time...

This is the official archive of the GohanxTrunks mailing list, which means you'll find here almost all the GohanxTrunks or TrunksxGohan fanfics and fanart ever created. We have fics where Gohan is seme and Trunks uke but we also have the reverse i.e Trunks being top and Gohan bottom. We have sappy, deathfic, shonen ai, lemon, pwp fun and a lot of other cool stuff.

For those who're wondering what the name of the website means, it's easy Boxer stands for Trunks and Rice for Gohan since in Japanese Gohan means cooked rice. And for those who might ask "why Two Princes ?" there's several answers so pick the one you like the best ^____^v

Answer 1: Trunks is the crown prince of all the saiyajins, and technically speaking Gohan is a prince too since he's Ox King's grandson.

Answer 2 : Trunks is the crown prince of all the saiyajins but it's also the case of Mirai Trunks so technically we're having our two princes too ^^

Don't take anything from this website without permission. If you want something, then do exactly what we did : ASK  the permission of their legitimate owner/creator.

If you are uncomfortable with any of this, just hit 'back', if not - go right ahead and enjoy yourself!

If you are thinking that we're sick perverts that will burn in hell, then hit one of the 'Leave' buttons to save your soul and eventually contribute to save ours.

Peace man! ^_^

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