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About us

This site is Link-Free. However we would be thrilled to trade links with other Yaoi website (DBZ or not) as long as they're Truhan friendly. More details and banners can be found this way

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Truhan Paradise

"Truhan Paradise" is the self-proclaimed successor of the now defunct "Suck my kiss". Like it's glorious predecessor, it's a Livejournal Community solely dedicated to TrunksxGohan. So to spread the Truhan love we now have the winning triptych : Website, Mailing List and Livejournal Community. ^_^

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Truhan Websites

The first and oldest GohanxTrunks shrine. A must see since there isn't that much 100% TrunksxGohan shrine on the web.

Hentai Institute

The Hentai Institute Treatment centre for all obsessive behaviors. All hentai all the time. Not updated very often, but worth the visit. They have plenty of amazing fanart and fanfics for everyone's tastes, the rating goes from sappy to squick.

The Trunks ♥ Gohan Alliance. It's the Japanese alter ego of Boxer and Rice. Lot of good fanarts, stories and links. It's 100% in japanese, but it's easier to surf for those who don't speak japanese. A MUST SEE website.

A very complete DBZ Yaoi website with lots of various fanfics. PG is also a very talented writer who's going to work in collaboration with me to the first Truhan fanfic arc. It'll be called Final Frontier, but I cannot say more it's a surprise...

A very nice place, with lot of material for everyone's taste. They even have some Truhan materials, so I'm giving them a big thumbs up.

Saiyan Hideaway

The HideAway is Dragon Ball Z Yaoi website where all pairings are welcome. It's primarily a fan fiction archive with some lovely art included as a bonus. 

Troubled Fantasy

Jemma's new website. Contains fanarts and fanfics. The stories here are dark, evil and frankly not for most people's tastes. Yaoi, drug addictions and sex are just some of the topics here and it isn't pretty, no matter how much you try to think of it as fluff. There is no fluff here...

A little spot of Sniffles; Just what the title implies. A little bit of Sniffles fics.

The nice website where KC hides her fantastic fanfics. Truhan, DBZ yaoi as well as lot of other fandoms. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, especially since she's a fantastic writer. Maybe if you spork her she'll write more Truhan fanfics. ^_^

SonKikyo's Sanctuary contains lot of cool dbz yaoi, yuri, het and even bisexual stories as well as other fandom. It's a site everyone can like or hate, depending on whether you're mature enough to stomach everything.

One of the nicest and most complete yaoi shrine on the web. Tons of cool fanart and fanfics from various anime including Truhan fanfics.

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Dragon Ball Z Yaoi

A nice fanfic archive with a strong dominance of Dragon Ball Z stories.

Kiya Sama's Sanctuary

Kia Sama's website. A nice page with her numerous fics and some illustrations of her fics.

A shrine for bishounen/biseinen and anyone can contribute any anime guy even novel guyz.

Capsule Corporation

Capsule Corporation and is a DB/DBZ/DBGT story search group. This mailing list try to help people who are looking for a specific story but cannot find it by themselves. This group is in english and in german.



Missfortune's Home page. More DBZ fics then you can shake a stick at ^_^



DBZ yaoi fanfics, fanpics and links - also some het but that doesn't count!



Dragonball yaoi fanfics, doujinshi and other yummy stuff. Too bad it's not updated anymore >_<


Johnnyjosh's adult anime page


A little page with some fics, pics and links for yaoi and yuri.



Sley's german and english fanfiction archive. Look quite promising.

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One of the best, kinkiest and naughty yaoi art shrine on the web. The art is original (non anime characters) but the poses are simply fantastic. A good source of inspiration if you want to write a bdsm fic.

The wonderful site of Pamela Nunnally. And she's having a couple of DBZ fanart now.

One word... Yummy.  Ponderosa is an extremely talented artist, and have a nice fic archive. She's also doing commission.

One of the first and best uncensored Yaoi site in the free U.S. fanart world. See beautiful, explicit renditions by MD, of all your favorite anime men and boys (Ooo, la-la!).

A very talented and promising artist. She's doing amazing commissions for affordable price.

Awesome art, and terrific fics. Check out Chelsee wonderful fanarts. A nice place for all Gohan lovers.

The brand new website of the talented and legendary B-chan. Let's hope this time it won't be deleted.

A website for lovely erotic drawing of muscled anime and video game guys. BD is indeed a talented artist I especially recommend his Links and Mirai Trunks/Gohan picture.

A small hidden gem. This site has exclusive original yaoi art by talented artists. Lot of cool links & webring too.

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A fine little website that I've build to honour the amazing yaoi and shonen ai fanfictions of my dear friend Dena. There's also several galleries with awesome illustrations of her fics.

A wonderful Saint Seiya website (or Knights of the Zodiac if you're watching the cartoon network butcherized version). This site is lovely, bilingual (french & english) with lot of stuff for everyone's taste.  Yummy ^_^

This website belong to my friend the sweet Nuri. She's commissioning lot of GW and Weiss Kreuss fanart. That's how we met, since we're liking the same artist. I've recently converted her to the Truhan love, so she'll probably commission Truhan pictures. She sometimes co-commission with me some of my expensive Truhan pic (usually threesome or super detailled pic which cost much more money).

Dacia's website is truly fantastic. I like hanging there very often. Of course it's not Truhan but GW but who cares, after all if you're checking this section it's for expanding your horizons ^_ ^ I give this place a big thumb up.

This site if owned by my friend Tyr who taught me how to format fic properly. It's without doubt the best GW fanfic archive ever made, and unlike Boxer & Rice it's updated on a daily basis  ^_^

Pretty Boys

A shrine of yaoi and bishonen obsessions... Tons of yaoi pic and yaoi doujinshis scans from various anime. A very nice place to visit.

Yaoi Heaven

Just like the title say, a real heaven for all yaoi fans. 

A nice place with plenty of bishonens, I also endorse her Jack/Daniel SG-1's shrine. Go visit it, it's spirited & fun.

Interresting, ecclectic and surprising. Definitively worth a visit.

GaŽlle's website is dedicated to Yaoi, whether it is fanfic, novellas or online novel. There's also a couple of fanarts. Be warned though, the fanfics are written in French.

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The biggest Trunks shrine. This one is definitely a must see ^_^

A fantastic website, where people who love Dragon Ball doujinshis (hentaÔ and yaoi) share scans of them. Also contains lot of useful info for those who want to buy doujinshis. And last but not the least the webmistress is very nice and friendly? ^_^


Working to connect you with your favorite overseas collectables! The most recognized Doujinshi Shop in keeping the Doujinshi community in contact with a large selection of popular and rare overseas items through an advanced system of personal features! Striving to serve the Doujinshi community and bring it closer together.

Raddittzu's Anime Playground

A nice place to buy affordable Dragon Ball Z yaoi doujinshis. 

Here you'll find fanfic about any anime, comic or tv show. I even found a couple of Gohan/Trunks stories.


A good alternative to and their new "No NC-17 fic" policy.

Another interresting alternative to and their new "No NC-17 fic" policy.

Interresting alternative to the "No NC-17 fic" policy of I like their design but it's lacking of good search filter.

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Soldier Dream Contest is the first yaoi bilingual (english/french) fanfics and fanarts contest completely dedicated to Saint Seiya. This is an attempt to unite all the fans of Saint Seiya to celebrate our love of the show (the real one and not that pathetic "Knights of the Zodiac").

A fanfic and fanpic annual contest where angst, sadism, depression and death reigns supreme. With categories like agonizing anguish, shadows of dread, bleeding hearts, lost souls, sick puppy and more...

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