You Know You're Obsessed With Gohan and Trunks When...



1.   You're harassing your friends so they write you a Gohan x Trunks fic or draw you picture of them together.


2.   You can't hear songs or see movies anymore without saying “Oh my god that'll make a brilliant Gohan x Trunks fic!!!!”.


3.   You keep bothering your friends by explaining them twenty time by day why Gohan and Trunks should be together, or how it's a shame that Mirai Trunks cut his hair before going back to his timeline...


4.   You start creating ml and website only dedicated to Gohan x Trunks...


5.   You’re begging your parent to buy you a new computer because your 30 Gigabits harddisk is already full of Gohan x Trunks doujinshi's scan, fanart and official art pictures.


6.   You already watched the Special Movie “History of Trunks” 3 billion times and know each quote by heart even in reverse.


7.   You sent thousand of letter to Akira Toriyama and Bird Studio to convince them to start a whole new DBZ show or movie with Gohan and Trunks as main characters and of course adding some lemony scene with them.


8.   You're digging through tons of websites trying to find any picture you can that has both Trunks and Gohan in it together. Then you're cropping out the rest of the gang in the photo and you draw a heart around the two.


9.   Your whole wardrobe consists of clothes that look like the ones Trunks wear.


10. Your papers and belongings are all covered with drawings of Trunks and Gohan together.


11. You're constantly quoting lines from the Special Movie “History of Trunks” in daily conversation.


12. You read something called "You Know You're Obsessed With Gohan and Trunks When...".


13. You wrote something called "You Know You're Obsessed With Gohan and Trunks When...".


14. You make bad puns about the various way that Gohan could pack his Trunks.


15. You believe Trunks or Gohan's birthday should be made national holiday.


16. You realize that you can't see your wallpaper because your room is covered with the faces of those two gorgeous bishonen.


17. You kiss all you Gohan and Trunks posters good night.


18. You convinced your boyfriend to let you call him Trunks-kun or Gohan-koi. You convinced your girlfriend to call you Trunks-kun or Gohan-koi.


19. You tell your dog/cat/fish/bird how much you love Gohan and Trunks because no one else will listen to you anymore.


20. You put a sign on your door that says GOHAN AND TRUNKS FANS ONLY!


21. You kick your computer in because it stumbled across a site with an owner who hates Gohan and Trunks.


22. You start writing to Akira Toriyama and Bird Studio in an attempt to get them to make Gohan and Trunks goodies. "Hey, I think a Great Saiyaman outfit would be so cool! I'd buy one!".


23. You are determined to own every Gohan x Trunks hardcore picture that is out there on the internet.


24. You dumped your boyfriend/girlfriend because he/she dared criticize Trunks and Gohan.


25. You've developed a strange fascination with Swords and spandex pants.


26. You cried when Mirai Gohan died.


27. Upon hearing that someone has seen the special movie “History of Trunks” 15 times, you sneer : "Amateur".


28. You spend hours having conversations like, "What do you suppose Mirai Trunks was thinking in that scene where Gohan said 'Hello' to him and he sort of gazed dreamily, and then....".


29. You named or plan to name your kids Gohan and Trunks.


30. All those who dared to point out that Trunks and Gohan were only anime characters got all their bones broken twice if it was their lucky day...



Those were suggested by Hervé…



31. You dye your hair purple and call your boyfriend/girlfriend Gohan-chan.


32. All the pictures on your walls are of Gohan and Trunks with each others tongues in their mouths.


33. Every time you see either Gohan OR Trunks on TV, you scream "He's gay!!".


34. You fantasize about Trunks leading Gohan into evil Hentai sex slave games at night.


35. When counting, you imagine the number of times it took Gohan to suck to get Trunks hard.


36. Whenever you see a guy with long black hair you assume he's a gay man called Son Gohan.


37. You dream about Gohan doing naughty little Hentai things to Trunks. Then as soon you wake up you start writing a fic about what they did in the aforementioned dream.


38. You kill anyone that resembles and Pan or Videl on site.


39. Every time someone tells you that Trunks and Gohan are not lovers, you knock them out with a frying pan and lock them in the closet.


40. Every spare minute of your time is spent reading/writing fics and fanart and daydreaming about the pair alone.



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41. Whenever anybody says, "Videl and Gohan are so cute together" you're expression looks frighteningly identical to Vejita's when he's pissed.


42. You firmly believe it was Mirai Trunk's death (and maybe a little  of Goku's too) that gave Gohan the power to kill Cell.


43. You've started/own/have thought about building a Trunks x Gohan web site.


44. You've ever wondered weather Trunk's hair is purple everywhere?


45. Every time you see that scene in Titanic where Rose and Leonardo Di Caprio's character are making out in the car and the windows fog up, you wondered if the glass top of the Time Capsule would fog up if Mirai Trunks and Gohan were doing the same thing inside.


46. You have a shrine to Trunks x Gohan in your bedroom containing posters, doujinshi, figurines etc. And everybody knows it is a deadly sin for anybody but you to touch it.


47. You're a member of the Gohan x Trunks mailing list.


48. You've ever checked the Gohan x Trunks mailing list more than 50 times a day.


49. 90% of your searches in a search engine contain the words Gohan, (Mirai) Trunks, Yaoi.


50. You've ever taken a Barbie doll, died its hair purple and pretended its Mirai Trunks. Then taken a Ken doll, spiked it's hair and pretended it's Gohan. Then staged a wedding for the two of them. ( I'll leave the honeymoon up to you're imagination).



Those were suggested by Serene Magess…

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