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Gallery 1 : Gohan (Freeza - Cell) Tsukamou ze! DRAGON BALL Sekai de ittou suriru na himitsu  Sagasou ze! DRAGON BALL Sekai de ittou yukai na kiseki  Kono yo wa dekkai takarajima  Sou sa Ima koso adobenchaa! ...

Gallery 2 : Gohan (Buu - DBGT)

Gallery 3 : Mirai Trunks

Gallery 4 : Mirai Trunks/Trunks
Gallery 5 : Z Senshis
Gallery 6 : Z Senshis

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Disclaimers :

Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT's characters are copyrighted to Akira Toriyama and the various companies who produced the anime and merchandise.

I've scanned most of those pictures from my personal collections of artbooks, posters, game cards, magazines and shitajikis. The remaining pictures are donations from my friends and members of the "GohanxTrunks Yaoi Mailing List".

Please don't take anything from these galleries without asking my permission first, because it took me a lot of efforts as well as money to realize these galleries with high quality pictures and not with stolen low quality pictures.